Our Facility

Being an ISO, HACCP, GMP – certified and HALAL compliance company, we continuously invest in the latest equipment and facilities to meet global standards of manufacturing excellence.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and facilities are geared towards the manufacture of food and beverage such as coffee, tea, cereal, cocoa drink, juices and food supplements such as royal jelly powder, organic vegetables powder and derivatives from natural ingredients.

Our factory resources management are control by the top Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

This is evident from our investiture in the following:

  • Environmentally friendly operations system with waste water treatment plant.
  • Dust extraction machine to ensure a pollution-free work area and air handling system to meet differential air pressure, as par t of the GMP requirement for the air quality control in the process room.
  • Segregation of materials storage, laboratories, processing, filling and packaging area with special epoxy floor finishing to protect the factory environment against dust, moisture, bacteria and micro-organisms.
  • Documented system for every stages from supplier supplied raw materials to finished goods delivery with full traceability.
  • Periodic factory inspection and maintenance using the Plant Maintenance software under the ERP system.
  • Designated equipment for specific needs.
  • Hygiene measures and strict regulations are applied throughout the factory site.
  • Hygiene training and health surveillance for staff before being allowed to work and after being employed in the production area.

All our machines have been internationally proven to be among the market leading equipment for use in food processing.

With our stringent food safety and quality control systems, we are capable of producing consistent and high quality products that satisfy different taste requirements. All our facilities and equipment are design for hygienically processing and packing of products in good sanitation environment which enhance the shelf life.

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