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The Exclusive Mark factory ranks among Malaysia’s finest manufacturing setup designed along the worldwide standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) accredited by National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB).

The Company RM25 million factory in Shah Alam is comprehensively equipped and operated according to international manufacturing standards. Among our significant achievement is the recognition as one of the earliest food factories in Malaysia to acquire GMP standards in the food industry. The factory is also certified to internationally recognised HACCP, ISO9001 & ISO14001 standards and OHSAS18001. Our product portfolio includes an extensive array of food and beverage such as coffee, tea, cereal, cocoa drink, juices, royal jelly powder, organic vegetables powder and derivatives from natural ingredients.

With the aid of our research and development associate, we continuously come up with new products and improved formulas to enhance our market share. When introducing new product ranges, we try to ensure minimal lead time for each new product to reach the specific market environment. Securing customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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